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    Logistic & Other Services

    We can share and analyse any dedicated service, that involves specialized technologies or different levels of intervention (design, realization, certification…), becoming your single point of contact for the entire chain.

    A wide management of services ranging from Staging & Moving – use of warehouses and specific transport for technology assets – up to Cabling & Patching – physical realization of wiring and complex configurations.

    • Wide configuration of personal computers, notebooks, tablets and technological assets in general
    • Warehouse management and dedicated transport, with specific services for IT materials
    • Complex move between different locations, complete inventories, inspections, any remaining assets disposal, re-assembly and re-configurations
    • Reconfigurations of data centers, Communication Rooms, technology environments
    • Data and electrical wiring including design and certification
    • “IMAC” interventions for assistance, configuration and maintenance of technological equipment.