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    We are able to provide excellent services and realize targeted projects that include the development of platforms “ad hoc”, the realization of interfacing software with enterprise legacy systems and the creation of applications and infrastructure designed for the mobile needs.

    Without carrying out extraordinary works on the infrastructure and existing equipment, we are able to accelerate the exchange of information, simplifying data access, for a greater efficiency and a significant reduction of TCO.  In this way, we start a real digital transformation to the customers, providing them with the necessary tools to make their business grow.  Through our design and maintenance works, we guarantee customers get the most from their platforms, optimizing the resources already available, thanks to the careful development of graphical interface (GUI) and the interaction mechanisms and use (Look & Feel).

    Enable agents, employees and management to mobile scenarios allows an acceleration to the usual professional activities, with considerable advantages in different contexts. Applications for smartphones and tablets allow the interchange with server systems, the data centralization and sharing in real time, thanks also to the strong integration of the several enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, LMS and DAM. The realization of such infrastructure brings real benefits including rapid ROI and immediate savings.

    Our goal is to fulfill the customer requirements, proposing solutions that ensure the best cost / benefit ratio. In this way, we evaluate the different operating environments, adopting engineerable solutions in application frameworks or creating appropriate software packages.