• Network Services & Maintenance

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    Network Services & Maintenance

    We believe that nowadays relying on a specialized company to have a first aid service and maintenance on computer equipment is definitely a mandatory step in achieving increased business productivity through effective problem management. Our Maintenance Service provides, by a qualified assistance, effective management on issues related to the Network, the Servers, Workstations and printers.
    In particular, we support customers in the management of complex data-network structure, working with certified partners and principal vendors both at the level of data center and EDPs assistance and with a network distributed throughout the territory.

    Our Service features:

    • Fault repair by our specialists intervention
    • Replacement of damaged parts with original
    • Support by our laboratory
    • Replacement of the equipment which cannot be repaired
    • Support for a fast data and service restore
    • Maintenance of equipment of every brand
    • Availability of a support structure