• Why IT.COR?

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    Why IT.COR?

    We believe in people and that’s why we employ an advanced business system based on the retrieval and updating of high-profile skills, on processes of delegation and self – empowerment.

    We believe in specialization, convinced that only in this way you can achieve excellent performances.

    We believe in the value of sharing and collaboration, as elements of growth and strength of the team.

    We believe in innovation, not only as the adoption of advanced systems, but as a real paradigm shift, which consists in interested people, processes and technologies in a way of harmonization and growth.

    We believe in transparency and respect, essential elements to establish a relation of mutual trust.

    We believe in the passion and enthusiasm because as Galileo Galilei says: “Do not just look, we need to look with eyes that want to see, that believe in what they see”