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    Managed security services

    Thanks to a thorough knowledge of business sectors, the aim that IT.COR reached was to delineate an only service, which would have guaranteed to all the companies the management in full outsourcing of company security.

    IT.COR not only “controls and acts”, but agrees with the customer what is the security perimeter to be taken on the basis of risk assessment, in addition to implement and manage in everyday life the solutions considered indispensable by controlling safety in H24.

    Managed Security Services Forms:

    • Pre Audit ISO27001
    • Framework Cybersecurity (Threat Intelligence)
    • Antivirus in cloud
    • My E-Mail Security in cloud
    • My Security (FW, IDS/IPS, UTM services)
    • Logger Privacy DL196/3
    • Vaulting Off Backup Server
    • Network Access Control
    • Web Access Control
    • Security Operation Center (Detect)
    • Security Operation Center (Respond)
    • Penetration Test & Vulnerabiliy periodic assessments
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Encryption Files & Server
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Web Application Firewall
    • IAM, SSO & Strong Autentication
    • Cybercrime policy